Sunday, November 08, 2009

Scene this Week In…

I’m a week late in taking down the Halloween stuff around here. Though some families leave their carved pumpkins on the porch until they start to rot, in our house the pumpkins go into the trash on November 1st.

The last scene this week in Columbia was a nice shot of the autumnal red trees at the entrance to the Kings Contrivance Village Center. I suspect that those leaves have pretty much dropped by now which means that Christmas decorations will soon be popping up all over the county.
Sure enough, over at The Mall in Columbia, the center of holiday commerce, crews were setting up Santastic, the Santa display on steroids.
It could be a tough season for the mall merchants. Even while the malls welcomes new stores like Vans and Pandora, some merchants who have been around for a long time are throwing in the towel.
The trees surrounding the lake at Centennial Park have shed their fall colors. As Mama Wordbones and I were taking a stroll around the lake yesterday we both commented on how quickly this seemed to have occurred this year.

The onset of the cooler weather didn’t deter this group though. We spotted this wedding party posing for pictures with the lake as backdrop.


Bob O said...

Nice roundup. Although I do complain about some things in HoCo, there's a lot of goodness here, too.