Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Wired Likes the Droid

With the official rollout just two days away the buzz surrounding the new Motorola Droid phone is ratcheting up. Yesterday I found this review by the editors at Wired.

My colleague, TW is pushing me to be the beta tester in our office since I am constantly griping about the LG Voyager phone I bought in February.

I must admit my resolve to wait for an iPhone on the Verizon network is weakening.


Chuck said...

Sometimes it is best to not be the first one with new technology, unless you thrive on solving problems and staying current. This can be compounded by the grip the carriers holds over updates that may be available from the hardware manufacturer. Verizon has had a reputation of delaying updates and making it difficult to stay current. The use of an open source OS may make this even more interesting, but I suspect that Verizon will attempt to rein in any free spirits.

I would wait for version 2.0 and see how it shakes out or let TW be the beta guy in your office.

Bob O said...

The Verizon Droid is version 2.0. But, yes, all current reviews indicate that this is the smart phone for geeks, not for those who don't care about the underlying technologies. Evidently, the iPhone still wins for intuitive, it just works, "The Gods Must Be Crazy", sorts of users. That is, those who just want it to work.

On the other hand, for those who want to know how it works, or make it exceed what it's supposed to do, this may just fill the bill.

I, in particular, feel the iPhone, and most smart phones, limit me.

It's a geek phone.

This could be sublime.

Anonymous said...

For local politics, check out the hocorising blog post today:

Bob O said...

More on the Droid. Yep, it looks like this is a power tool for geeks, unlike the iPhone, which is sort of a Swiss Army knife for the rest of us, i.e., you can use it as a screwdriver, but don't expect to mount wallboard with it. As smartphones go, the Droid will do wallboard for you.

After one year with my iPhone, I have to say I love it, although it's had a couple of hardware failures. It's a bit fragile, but it has great apps. The battery life is horrible. It is elegant, and it has the supreme feature: chicks dig it.

Somehow, however, I just don't trust the iPhone. It doesn't inspire confidence in me, and I always feel like Steve Jobs is about to jump out of the bushes and browbeat me for misusing it.

ATT? Meh. And don't ever expect to see the iPhone on Verizon. Bad blood there, and Verizon is not going to drink the Apple koolaid.

I will be getting a Droid in the next week or so. I want the power tool I can hack.

For more thoughts, see


Anonymous said...

I have no opinion about the Iphone or Droid. I don't know enough about them to comment. I am technologically inept. I admit.
What grosses me out is a beautiful woman walking down the street looking at her email or whatever on her iphone, driving in the lane beside me paying more attention to the iphone than the traffic,someone looking at the iphone during a meeting, and other abuses. I suppose someday we will all check our email in the midst of sexual ectasy. Isn't that about the same as falling asleep in the middle of love making with your girlfriend or wife? Doesn't sound very sexy does it...Well perhaps I too will fall victim to continual electronic connection and stimulation someday. It will probably be in the cryogenic chamber where I've been saved for some future cure or on the other side of the veil explored by the ghostbusters.

Bob O said...

Anon, you probably don't believe we landed on the moon. And that's okay. We are all inclusive. No, actually I think you are crazy. But I can see your viewpoint.

Just to make your day more fun, yes, they ARE out to get you.

Your job is too make sure this does not happen,