Friday, November 13, 2009

Bailey’s On Board

John Bailey, the Republican challenger to Liz Bobo for the House of Delegates in District 12B, has come out in support of General Growths proposed redevelopment plans for Columbia Town Center.

"This is a thirty year process. For Howard County residents currently in their 20’s and 30’s, of which I am a member, this means that at completion they will be in their 50’s and 60’s. They will be able to witness the creation of a new Columbia and enjoy all the amenities and opportunities that come along with a vibrant downtown. Improved public transportation, the ability to walk and bike around Columbia, and the cultural and recreational opportunities that will enrich the lives of Howard County residents. This is an exciting time for Columbia. It is the dawn of a new chapter for Howard County, a chapter that will take us into the future as a regional leader in business opportunity and job creation."

I believe Liz’s position on this is closer to Bridgets.


Anonymous said...

I wonder where the other state and local candidates stand on this? It will be interesting to see how Trent Kittleman, Bob Flanagan, Anthony Jordan, and Dennis Schrader show leadership while threading this needle. To date, they seem pretty quiet.

Anonymous said...

John, what are you thinking?! You just lost the election.

Anthony Jordan has been very clear - he wants to represent all the people, not just the wealthy powerful influential people.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a clue who John Bailey is but he makes a lot of sense. Liz Bobo's contemporaries, of which I am one, and her constituents, of which I am not one, have missed the train. The new Town Center is all about the younger people and the promise it holds for their families. We old farts should be so lucky to live long enough to see Town Center become the cultural and happening center of Columbia.

Bob O said...

Chains we can believe in?

Okay, that's not really fair.

I keep wondering when the people of Columbia will actually get iinvolved in this. The lack of interest astounds me. At least say yes or no.

Anonymous said...

This Columbian votes no to Columbia's train being detoured to Gridlock Gulch, Cold Concrete Canyons, Learnings' Longer Lunch Lines, Cul-de-Sacs Crushed Cut-throughs, and Lake Kittama-highway offramp.

And living in the midst of a daily traffic stampede without a neighborhood school nearby doesn't sound like much of an attractor for young families (and judging by the affordable housing financial instrument vs. doorknobs Q&A at the last meeting, I all the more doubt it's "all about the younger people").

It's important, when getting on a train, knowing which direction it's headed. Sometimes it's best to not get on the first train that pulls into the station.

Bob O said...

Good comments. I, too, do not prefer to live in the caves of steel.

Then again, that's why I chose not to live in Columbia.

I think Columbians (can I use that as a descriptor?) need to get out and rock the vote, and make themselves heard, if they are really against GGP and the plan to "urbanize" central Columbia.

Anyone out there ready to lead, or at least take names on a referendum?

(Oh, and get those names right.)