Sunday, November 22, 2009

Walking Around Town Center

This afternoon Mama Wordbones dropped me off at Champps at the Mall. She continued on over to Merriweather to pick up our registration packet for the Dazzle Dash while I watched the end of the Ravens loss to Indianapolis.
Chammps is a fun place to be on a Sunday in the middle of football season. There were Ravens fans, Steeler fans, Redskin fans, Giant fans amongst others. At any given moment a cheer erupts somewhere in room.

After the game we walked over to see the poinsettia tree. It looked particularly beautiful in the later afternoon sun. I said a quiet word of thanks to Claire, Sandy and Janet.

It wasn’t a very busy night at the Santastic experience.

As the sun went down we worked our way over to Dazzle Dash. For part of the walk she shared the street with the cars since the sidewalk suddenly just ended at a crosswalk on the mall ring road.
Fortunately, we safely made it to the Dazzle Dash along with about 4,000 of our fellow countians.


Bob O said...

Fun time sin the town center. Looks like all is really needed is some well-thought-out sidewalks. I've always thought that architects should build buildings first and then see where people walk before actually putting in the sidewalks.

Maybe that's an alternative to General Growth's plan.

My wife and I had a wonderful time in downtown Ellicott City on Sunday. Bought some glass for a project in the glass shop, then went to a wine tasting at the wine bin. Nice people, nice pours, good parking, ordered some lesser known things that came in today. What a different experience from the prefab profundities of Columbia.

I just wish someone would dynamite the bridge on main street so that Old Town Ellicott City could just be a pedestrian mall. The only drawback is the through traffic.