Sunday, November 15, 2009

I’m So Old School

When I get up on Sunday morning I take a short walk to the end of the driveway with the dogs, grab the newspapers and we all head back to the kitchen to enjoy a good read with my morning coffee. If I had some modicum of tech savvy I could just as easily forgo the outside walk and plop down with my laptop to get my Sunday morning news fix. I doubt the dogs would enjoy this as much though.

It now turns out my old school habit is causing me to miss some good stories.

Earlier today I wrote about Larry Carson’s story in the print version of the paper. I criticized him for not presenting a balanced report on Saturday’s marathon public hearing on the proposed legislation for Columbia Town Center.

It turns out I did Larry wrong. The online version of his story was much better and longer than the print version.

Sorry about that Larry.

By the way, my people on the ground report back that out of the 53 people, who testified on Saturday, 32 were in favor of the proposed legislation, 18 were opposed, 1 was neutral and two were classified as inconclusive.


Anonymous said...

I think the online version was recently updated. This morning it was significantly shorter and had little more than a quote from Bridget Mugane.

Anonymous said...

I guess your sources are overcounting by including those who want the plan but only with prescribed changes. By your standards (which aren't hard to beat on a daily basis), Alan Klein and Barbara Russell are in your corner.

sobohon said...

I read the paper online all week, but like an actual "paper" on Sunday, too. I had no idea that the stories differ!

Bob O said...

If you and your special someone like to read the paper in bed on Sunday mornings, stick with the paper version!

It can be painful when laptops collide....