Monday, November 23, 2009

Stepping off the Porch

One of our old dogs, Lucky, has gotten a little wobbly these days. Even though it is only two steps down from the platform out our back door to the yard, nowadays she often just stands there trying to ascertain if it’s worth the trip.

In a way she is like the opponents of the CB 58 and CB 59 who believe the county council should reject this legislation and study the issue some more. It is far easier to defer action than to take it.

You can’t get hurt that way.


Anonymous said...

Smart dogs like her deserve a low-angle, well-supported, high-traction dog ramp with rails on each side to more easily and more safely get to the yard. Check Petco, Drs. Foster & Smith, or PetSmart for premade ramps, or get creative at a home supply store. I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

Bob O said...

Make haste, slowly.

Look before you leap.

Good intentions pave the road to Hell.

The first step on a slippery slope leads hell of a ride to nowhere.

I could go on with the aphorisms.

But I won't.