Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Holiday Gift from Starbucks

Just in time for the holidays, Starbucks has raised the price on most of their beverages. This morning as I went to pay for my usual vente half caf, I came up short. Instead of $2.07 it now cost me $2.23.

This afternoon, when I dropped by the Dobbin Road Starbucks and ordered an Americano half caf, I was charged $3.03 instead of the usual $2.85.

“Did you guys have a price increase,” I asked.

“Yes, it just went into effect today along with the rollout of our decaf Via,” I was told by one of the baristas, “Some drinks went down in price but most went up.”

Nice way to celebrate the rollout of new product. On the other hand, if Starbucks believes they can get a way with a price increase they must think that the economy is improving.

Then again, maybe they need the increased revenue to cover rising healthcare costs.


Alan said...

Ah, so the price went up, and you went back again. And will you go again tomorrow? Is it time for Starbucks Anonymous?

Gift Giving said...

Maybe it is starbucks way of asking for your gift. :)

macsmom said...

My daughter and I used to stop by Starbucks each day on our commute to Hopkins. I guess it's the recession, but we've been stopping at the gas station for diet cokes for quite some time now-much more affordable!

Bob O said...

Didn't Starbucks receive some TARP money? And what kind of bonus are they paying to baristas?

This is outrageous!