Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sorry Owen Brown Villagers, My Bad

Yesterday, I erroneously posted about a string of juvenile vandalism in Columbia. I attributed this incident and this incident to the village of Owen Brown and followed up by posing the question “What’s up?”

Mea culpa. Neither of these occurred in Owen Brown. The first one happened in Long Reach Village and the second occurred in Hickory Ridge.

Last night when an anonymous commenter pointed out my error I immediately deleted the post. I would have posted this retraction last evening but I had my hands full with trick or treaters.

Anyway, as Anon 7:23 AM so aptly pointed out, it is time to “write the wrong.”

The answer to the question, “What’s up?”

I screwed up. Sorry.

2 comments: said...

In your defense, one or more major local media outlets reported vandalism in Owen Brown as well as Hickory Ridge. In fact, I remain under the impression that there were tire slashings in HR one night and OB the following night.

Bob O said...

More interestingly, this says something about the power of the internet, and blogs, vis-a-vis traditional news outlets or government media-speak organizations.

You are your own ombudsman.

Take personal responsibility.

Let's move on.