Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Scene This Week In...

There seems to have been an outbreak of graffiti in east Columbia this spring. I first noticed this while driving past the Auto Services Park on Dobbin Road. Earlier this month, someone or groups of someone’s, spray painted graffiti on all of the service bay doors facing Dobbin Road. It looked more like Brooklyn than Columbia.

Yesterday, while driving on Oakland Mills Road I saw this graffiti attack on the Verizon building.I know that some like to refer to these vandals as graffiti “artists” but not this old dog. I see this as plain and simple vandalism

The local phenomenon of stacking rocks in rivers has spread downstream from Ellicott City. This past weekend, as Mama Wordbones and I were crossing the swinging bridge at the trail head of The Grist Mill Trail in the Patapsco Valley State Park, we noticed these rock sculptures in the water below.

A similar display of rock art in the Patapsco River became popular in Ellicott City last summer and, as reported earlier here, has returned this year. 

It is both the anonymity of the rock artists and the temporary nature of the art that makes this so cool.


Anonymous said...

I've heard that the graffiti is gang and drug related. Any truth to that?

Never been a Tagger/Vandal said...

WB: Gotta disagree with you about the graffiti on the Verizon building. That building is the eyesore. The graffiti helps make it somewhat tolerable.

HH: Ugh.

Anonymous said...

It would be totally hilarious if these vandals start spray painting the URL to your blog everywhere. Not really, of course.

ilana Bittner said...

Thing 1 and I we're cruising through Dobbin to enjoy a delicious Chick-fil-A shake when we encountered some of this lovely "artwork" on the back of Baja Fresh and the adjoining stores. I was surprised and pleased that HE noticed it, and was none too pleased by the graffiti. Its no guarantee, of course, but I think he's sufficiently disgusted by the behavior that we won't worry about him engaging in it when he hits the teen years.

artist said...

Graffiti is Never gang or drug related and is a artistic form of selfexpresion!