Tuesday, June 08, 2010

No Day for AC

To the lady in the purple Chrysler LXI convertible sitting at the traffic light at Route 108 and Phelps Luck Drive around 2:00 PM today:

Thank you.

I was sitting behind you at the light when you pealed back your black convertible top and pulled your hair into a ponytail while soaking in the sun. At that moment you inspired me to write a post about what a gorgeous day it was to be out of the office.

I was extremely lucky in that regard. I left the office around 11:00 and drove down to Herald Harbor on the Severn River to share a coffee with my old friend and neighbor, Kim. She lives on a bluff overlooking Little Round Bay on the Severn. Kim lives in paradise with her husband Fred and Termite the dog. Raven, her grand dog was over for a visit too.

On my way back I stopped at Dorr’s service station on Generals Highway to avail myself of some particularly cheap gas. Fellow HoCo loco Tim Sosinski pulled up behind me. He had been in Annapolis for a seminar this morning and was on his way back like me. The top was down on his convertible too.

I was driving my Beemer. Since getting this car back on the road I’ve fallen in love all over again. I had the sunroof open and the windows down. It was glorious. I can’t get rid of this car, at least not until fall.

Now I’m back in the office. It was good while it lasted.