Sunday, June 20, 2010

Savages in Savage

It seems as if outsiders are destroying the peaceful tranquility of Savage lately. According to this story by Kellie Woodhouse in The Howard County Times residents recently gathered to address the problem of “large weekend crowds from outside the area have made it difficult to enjoy the trail and picnic area near the river.”

HoCo Police Chief, Willam McMahon met with about 100 residents last week who demanded action from his department.

“They say that the crowds drink alcohol, swim in the river, leave trash along the river bank, bring unleashed dogs and park in no-parking zones. They also contend that there has been theft and vandalism in the area.”

It seems that the police have had some difficulty distinguishing between the Savages and the Savages.

“Police said they had not cracked down on illegal parking, drinking or swimming because they wanted Savage residents to enjoy the area as they’re accustomed to.”

And then there’s that…
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