Friday, June 04, 2010

Please Stand By

The new anonymous commenting policy on Tales of Two Cities has received some biting feedback. Frank Hecker called it draconian. Noo labeled it an “overreaction”. Hayduke lamented the loss of beauty and wisdom in anonymous comments.

PZGURU simply said it sucks.

I get all that. I am attempting to rectify some of the more limiting features of blogger by following the lead of fellow blogger HoCo Rising and installing Disqus on this site. Commenter’s on HCR blog seem to like how that functions and since many readers here also visit there it may make the commenting process easier.

The only problem is that installing Disqus on this blog is a little beyond my technical capabilities. I attempted to install it last night and almost eliminated the entire blog. I reached out to HCR for some assistance with this but he is off on vacation next week and therefore unavailable right now.

I like to get this done sooner rather than later so if one of the more technically inclined readers is available to assist me in the install process sooner, I’d gladly spring for a coffee in return.

2:20 PM Update: I just received an email from James Howard with an offer of help. Stay tuned.


JessieX said...

wb, i totally get it. there is this level of blog management that is just out of my zone for capacity and technical skill. i've used TIMEBANKING and the good skills of my fellow timebanking friend (frank hecker) here and there for some help.

yay for james howard for helping you out.

putting in a plug for the awkward but useful service available to us all in #theHoCo: timebanking

James P. Howard, II said...

Yeah, but help may delayed. I am currently indisposed. Read my Tweets for more information.

PZGURU said...

Ok - so now that I have jumped through a number of hoops and signed up for a google account, and can now post comments, I will revise my assessment to say that this "doesn't suck too bad". I know, it's not a thumbs up endorsement, but it's not a thumbs down either. More like a thumbs sideways.

Bob O said...

This does not suck too bad.

At least it shows we are interested.