Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Former Guv and His Former Transpo Guy

The gubernatorial contest is a dead heat right now according to several local political prognosticators. They cite a recent Rassmussen poll that shows the former guv gaining momentum in Maryland.

But it was another poll that the Repubs were touting at the Dennis Schrader fundraiser this week. According to my sources, a recent poll showed Bob Flanagan looking pretty strong in the District 1 council race. In fact, the exact words were; “he’s beating her pretty bad right now.” The “her” of course is Courtney Watson, the current council prez.

My response to this news?

It’s a long way to November.

The other piece of political news I picked up at the Schrader soirée was that Len Lazerick is looking for a new partner in his Maryland Reporter venture. Andy Rosen, his fellow founding partner is leaving to take a job as a political reporter at The Sun.

That’s right, you heard correctly. A major daily newspaper is actually hiring a writer. I’d gotten so used to only hearing about layoffs that I had to ask Len to repeat himself to make sure I got that right.


FreeMarket said...

What are the polls saying about Schrader vs. Terrasa?

wordbones said...


I haven't heard anything about polls for this race yet, but I will certainly post something when I do.