Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No Verizon iPhone Anytime Soon

It looks like an iPhone for the Verizon network is unlikely to happen anytime soon. According to this column by Rob Pegoraro in The Washington Post, “No such thing will happen anytime soon.”

“Apple seems resolutely uninterested in making multiple models of the iPhone: one built on the GSM (Global System for Mobile) wireless standard, which AT&T employs and which dominates most markets worldwide, and another for the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technology used by Verizon and Sprint but absent in most other countries.”

Down the road this may change if and when Verizon decides to upgrade its mobile network to “a newer, faster standard called LTE (Long Term Evolution). Since many GSM carriers plan to make the same upgrade, Apple wouldn't have to ship two iPhones with different innards.”

As for me, I’ve moved on.


Bob O said...

Exactly right. And during my umpcoming vacation in Europe, I'll be using my iPhone, while Verizon customers will be left...off the grid.

Say what you want, I've never had any problems with ATT's coverage, even in places where Droid owners were looking for a connection.

Of course, I have not gone west of, say Charleston, WVA.