Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Winging It

Last Friday Senator Jim Robey was scheduled to be our guest on the podcast. On Wednesday we found out that he would instead be attending a funeral of a family friend. We rescheduled the show for this Thursday.

The next question for Paul and I was what to do about this time slot. Paul had lined up a potential last minute fill in, Dave Yungmann but we weren’t sure if talking about the latest challenges for the New City Alliance was enough to fill a show.

“We could always talk about the local real estate market too,” I suggested. “A lot people are interested in the current state of home values in HoCo.”

In the end our producer convinced us that we could make a go of it and so we did.

From my perspective at least it didn’t turn out half bad. Of course it didn’t hurt that both Paul and I know Dave so there was a comfortable familiarity to the exchanges. Still he was a little more reticent and guarded than when we’re just having beers. His views on the difference in home values between Columbia and Ellicott City were interesting.

You can listen to our first “winging it” podcast here.
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