Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Housekeeping

Is it just me or are there in fact more Ehrlich yard signs in HoCo than O’Malley signs?

In fact, I regularly drive all over the county and I’ve yet to see any O’Malley yard signs. I have seen plenty for the former guv though.

Bita Dayhoff has breathed new life and energy into the Community Action Council. In her short tenure she has negotiated with the HoCo Food Bank landlord for a complete renovation of the facility and started a food bank community garden to provide fresh produce and vegetables to the food bank families. She has only been president of the organization since last October.

Oh yeah, she also relocated and expanded the North Laurel-Savage Multi Service Center to a multi use project Route 1 redevelopment project where many of the clients that the Community Action Council serves live in apartments in the same building. It should open by the end of the month.

I’ve actually had the pleasure of working with her over the past year. She is a force of nature.

When I posted about the Audrey Robbins Humanitarian Awards I never mentioned the winners. That isn’t right. My bad. The honorees were, Donna Wells (Employee of the Year), Kathleen Dugan (Volunteer of the Year), NAMI-Howard County (Volunteer Team of the Year) and Susan Rosenbaum (Lifetime Achievement Award).

In my post about Newsweek’s rankings of the 1,623 best high schools in the country I inadvertently left out Howard High School (1089) which put the Lions ahead of Reservoir, Atholton, and Hammond. Thanks and a wag of the wordbones tail to commenter DanaSr for pointing this out.

Have a great Saturday.
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