Monday, June 28, 2010

Scene This Week In…

Occasionally when I’m driving around HoCo I’ll spot something that makes me double back for a picture. This combination mailbox / recycling bin in Ellicott City created one of those moments.

I wonder what they do on recycling day.

In Columbia I spotted this bumper sticker on a car in the parking lot of the Fairway Hills Golf Club in the Village of Dorsey’s Search. I couldn’t help but think that this candidate should enjoy good name recognition.

After all who doesn’t like a party?

“It’s actually pronounced par tea.,” Will Partee told me. Will works at the golf club and he told me that the bumper sticker is actually for his son, Derek Partee who is running as a Republican in the 2nd Legislative District of Nassau County, New York.

It’s been a pretty wild race so far. The incumbent, Democrat Roger Corbin, has just been sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for tax evasion.

Will told me that there is another New York politician in the family too. The current governor of New York, David A. Patterson, is his nephew. Governor Patterson has had a rough year too.

Will told me that his family name proved to be asset when he was in college.

Good point. You can’t have a party without Partee now can you?
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