Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sign Games

A few posts back I made a comment about seeing Ehrlich yard signs around HoCo but no O’Malley signs. I know this isn’t indictive of lopsided loco support for the former guv over the current guv so I wondered what was up.

It’s sign games with a dash of the first amendment thrown in.

Loco HoCo sign code prohibits political yard signs from going up until sixty days prior to the primaries, which would be about July 16th, so the Repubs are breaking the law.

On the other hand, Baltimore County has a similar sign restriction that is being challenged in the courts by the American Civil Liberties Union as a violation of a citizens first amendment rights to freedom of speech.

The word on the street is the HoCo Office of Law has been told by the Ulman administration to back off on enforcement of the code until this challenge has been resolved. The Dems don’t want to be accused of stifling free speech in an election year.

I expect we’ll be seeing O’Malley signs springing up shortly.

This is one of the reasons why elections are sometimes referred to as the silly season.
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