Friday, June 11, 2010

Men in Shorts

After doing fifteen shows in the same corner of the Lakeside Café we took the sweet sixteen show outside and down to the actual lakefront today. It was a good day to do that too. It was sunny, warm with a light breeze, and there was lots of activity with the preparations for LakeFest going on around us.

“We should do the show here all summer long,” Paul suggested, a bit caught up in the post show euphoria.

We could easily do that. Clyde’s has welcomed us in off the street and will be the new home of the podcast. Today we used the part of their pavilion that overlooks the lake. Other shows may find us in some other part of Clyde’s or Tomato Palace depending on what the restaurant has going on that particular day.

Dave urged caution before signing on to a summer full of shows in the great outdoors. “It’s nice now but August around here can be pretty brutal.”

And then there’s that…

This shows guest is Josh Stoltzfus, the Program and Marketing Coordinator for the Columbia Festival of the Arts which gets underway this evening. Josh has been with the festival for three years now and he thinks this years Lake Stage lineup is one of the best so far. Then again what else would you expect him to say?

You can listen to this week’s podcast here…