Monday, February 01, 2010

Meet Maryann

One of the more interesting tidbits in Larry Carson’s article about hoco politicos and their bank accounts, was the amount of money raised by Maryann Maher, a Democratic challenger for the House of Delegates in District 9A. The political newcomer has “reported raising $40,679, and had $35,332 left, more than either of the incumbents. Maher got nearly half her money from five large donations from her father and siblings in Florida, the Dominican Republic and Quebec.”

She’s raised more than any challenger for local office including county executive candidate, Trent Kittleman,

Maryann is a pretty interesting lady. She was born in Puerto Rico, holds both a bachelors and master degree in Computer Science, has two kids in the Howard County Public Schools (just a little younger than Peanut) and a yellow Labrador retriever named Amber.

I’m a sucker for anyone with a Labrador.

The incumbents in 9A are Republicans Gail Bates and Warren Miller each report having raised a little over $27,000. They also have a joint account with just over $4,000. Gail and Warren pretty much run as a team. They even share a campaign website.

But why is Warren wearing a blue t-shirt?


Anonymous said...

Seems kind of strange that half her funding came from relatives.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how this candidate, Maryann Maher, has collected 89% of her campaign donations from places other than Howard County. Nearly $35,000 of her campaign donations come from outside of Maryland and out of the country.
Ms. Maher should be running for office in Florida or Puerto Rico, because that is where her donor base resides.

Anonymous said...

Other than being cute, what does she offer to the voters in the district? The incumbents are 2 of the few soldiers against the O'Malley tax and spend machine. If elected, does she plan to support a continuation of the one-party rule in MD and more taxes and regulation on the voters of District 9?

hocoblog said...

I think it is great that her family is supporting her aspirations. I do share some concerns about money coming from outside the district - but not a lot of concern.

What I am curious about is why the contributions from Florida and Candada were also wired from a Dominican Rep. Bank.

Also, if $20K were raised by her family (out of state/country), and $5,200 from Maryland that means about another $15K came from outside of the state/district.

Tom said...

9A should be a split district with one dem and one rep. This will make for an interesting election for those of us in 9A. So she comes from a wealthy family willing to get her going in politics. Is that a sin?

hocoblog said...

Tom, I don't think it is a sin.

Anonymous said...

It's offensive and sexist to call Maryann Maher merely "cute". You obviously haven't heard her speak. She has a real grasp of the issues and concerns in 9A and statewide. Maryann is a progressive but independent thinker...not one to vote strictly with the party line. She brings creative and common-sense solutions to problems which have bogged down the state for years.

Re her fundraising - the Feb 2010 reports were very early days and it seems reasonable to have support from one's family. As of this posting her base has broadened significantly and funds come from Howard County. I encourage you to look at the current numbers. She's a professional, a mother of two and her many endorsements give me additional confidence in her.