Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sunday Morning

The snow has stopped, the sun is shining and it’s cold. I was finally able to get out of the neighborhood and down to Ellicott City. Though our street hasn’t seen a snow plow since the wee hours of Saturday, I was able to push though it. It is Sunday after all and Sunday means spending quality time with the newspapers. I had accepted the fact that home delivery was apt to be suspended for the next few days.

It turns out that we are lucky. Just beyond our house the roads have been reduced to a single track in the snow. Those folks aren’t going anywhere.

In Ellicott City, The Little French Market was open. K2 had walked down from her house on Church Road to open the shop. She said Church Road had not been plowed. They had plenty of coffee and some bread but the pasty supplies were depleted.

Freshly fueled with a large Americano I set out for the Long Gate Shopping Center on Montgomery Road. For the most part the main roads are passable but caution is advised. The highway ramps look dicey and the roads are a little slick.

I couldn’t find a Sunday newspaper anywhere.


Dave W said...

No newspaper for me either. LPP between the Columbia Mall and 29 is passable at this point but I think I will wait. Just look out for the abandoned car in the left-turn only lane at Vantage Point Road:

Bob O said...

Great coverage and I love the photos. If you check out my facebook page I have a bunch of photos posted, and I'm uploading some pictures of HoCo plows in action right now. What's the best way to send them to you?

BTW, my daughter called from North Dakato this morning to tell me that they get this much snow at least ONCE A WEEK!

She and her husband have a Ford Explorer and a Chevy Tahoe, and they both agree that the Explorer is better in the snow, hands down, so you made a good choice there. She also said that after awhile they just sort of give up on shoveling and just drive and park in four wheel drive LOW everywhere they go, until sometime in March!

Keep up the good work!

Bob O said...

Oh, and shockingly enough, the Sunday Washington Post and NY Times showed up in my driveway at around 1100!

HoCoRising said...

Wife and I took some video. Things are still shaky in Dorsey Search.

Bob O said...

Correction: The Post did not make it here this morning. When I opened the bag it was only the NY Times.

The Baltimore Sun did not publish hardcopy today, according to their web site.

Anyone get mail yesterday?