Friday, February 26, 2010

Scene This Week In…

The legacy of the one two punch Big Kahuna snowstorm is one big mess. Everywhere you look you see broken curbs, broken limbs and dangling downspouts. We got beat up pretty bad.

I spotted this toppled fire hydrant on Oakland Mills Road in Columbia. I’ve seen others like it in Ellicott City too. It appears that they were decapitated by a snow plow blade.

Nearby I noticed these pieces of wood sticking up through a bank of dirty snow. It looks like the remains of a picnic table.

The evergreens have taken it particularly hard. Along Dobbin Road there is a quarter mile stretch of road lined with piles of pine branches.
In Town Center near the lake, this tall spruce was cut off at the knees like Phil Nelson.

The cleanup from our snowmegeddon winter will be long and expensive. It should be a busy spring for the landscapers and the garden centers.

In Ellicott City I found a hopeful sign. Pushing up through a cleared path in the snow was a single daffodil. It was a nice reminder that the first day of spring is only twenty four days away.

It can’t come soon enough for me. I am so done with this winter.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. It'll be a long and expensive cleanup. Plows really do take a toll; that's why in my semi-native Minnesota, it's said that there are only two seasons: plowing season and road-repair season!