Saturday, February 06, 2010

Thunder Hill

Chip sent in these pictures from his house in the Thunder Hill neighborhood of Columbia.

“My dog is up to her neck and my daughter Kaylee can change the light bulb in our light post with all of this snow. Then there is a picture of our patio furniture.”
I’ve been getting lots of pictures of patios and decks. It is obvious that these are taken from the comfort of a warm home. How about suiting up and venturing out a little like Doji?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of an open liquor store in Columbia?

HoCoRising said...

Anyone in the 21042 is welcome to my place for beer, wine, and food.

sobohon said...

I noticed a lot of "shooting from the inside" on fb, too. Admittedly, I took some from the windows, but I also went outside. If you dressed for it, it really wasn't that bad.