Monday, February 08, 2010

Marking Turf

If you have ever lived in a shared parking situation you are familiar with the turf battles that go hand in hand with a big snow storm. Once you clear out your car and the parking space it was in, you believe you own that spot.

Certainly, in many cases each unit has a reserved spot or two but who can see the numbers when the snow is this prolific? While the person in the photo used what appears to be a lovely little café table as placeholder, folding chairs are often the preferred method for marking a claim.

The problem is that the visitor spaces are always the last spaces to get cleared.

As I drove about this afternoon I also noticed that all homeowners associations are not equally up to the task. I saw townhome communities that were cleared and others that looked like they hadn’t seen a plow since Saturday.


Dave W said...

We had a plastic deck furniture used in our neighborhood (last picture).

Sarah said...

Visitor spots are also where the bobcats and snow plows are putting the snow! We dug out and put a lawn chair in the visitor spot my fiancee was parked it-- one reserved spot per house means one of us parks in a visitor spot all the time.

Nina said...

Also - there is a wide variety of street designations - some are County streets, and are cleared by the County, and some are private streets cleared (hopefully) by the HOA. I am not sure whether it is permissible for private contractors to clear County streets.

In Long Reach, there are still a bunch of townhome communities that are not cleared. Apparently, according to residents of two different communities, at least one management company is so overwhelmed they have stopped taking calls.

Freemarket said...

Nina- the county definitely hires private contractors to clear county roads. The state does the same thing for state roads. The county and state by themselves have nowhere near the capital and labor to deal with even a mild snowstorm.