Monday, February 22, 2010

The Biggest and the Greenest

That’s how Ken Ulman described the new Howard County Library Charles E. Miller Branch and Historical Center. The groundbreaking for the new building was held this morning in the parking lot of the existing library in Ellicott City. The new building will be roughly three times larger than the current branch.
This being an election year several local pols turned out to mark the occasion. Since it was about 40 degrees and damp they kept their speeches relatively short. In addition to Ken there was Congressman Elijah Cummings, Senator Jim Robey, Delegates Guy Guzzone, Gail Bates and Warren Miller and Council Chair Courtney Watson.

In the audience were Councilperson Mary Kay Sigaty, Clerk of the Court Marge Rappaport, Board of Education members Frank Aquino, Ellen Flynn Giles, Larry Cohen and Pat Gordon and Maryann Maher, a Democratic challenger for one of the District 9A House of Delegates seats.

A few random observations:

Despite the cold Warren Miller wore no overcoat and spoke the fewest words. I didn’t see him smile once. Maybe it’s because he was cold.

Congressman Cummings drove himself to the event in his black Mercury Mountaineer.

While all the other dignitaries were given spades to “break the ground”, Ken Ulman was given a snow shovel.

The ground that was broken was actually a little mound of dirt on the sidewalk surrounded by mulch that was created just for the photo op. Since there was no sediment control fence in place on the site it will likely be awhile before the ground for the new building is truly broken.

Courtney Watson likes to wear the color red.

And speaking of Courtney…she noted that the current Miller library was built in 1962…the same year she was born.

The new library is planned for completion in December 2011.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the earthy descriptions of everyone (who knew about the color red?). And glad to hear that at least two people I know drive Mountaineers....

I really hope they nix that iPod shaped room though. iPods evolve so quickly that it will just be an anachronism by the time this place is built. said...

And speaking of Courtney…she noted that the current Miller library was built in 1962…the same year she was born.

If I were a politician, I think I'd avoid drawing parallels between myself and something that is being replaced...

(especially this year!)

Anonymous said...

EC needs a new library. No agrument there. But just imagine how over-built this thing will be. If you haven't seen them yet, you've got to look at the renderings. The next monument Ken is building for himself I guess.

Anonymous said...

For one of the least populated geographic areas, Miller has a huge number of users.

Glenwood is the only area less populated of the 6 libraries. There are two in Columbia and one in Elkridge and one in Laurel. Those all have higher population density, but Miller is probably one of the busiest.