Friday, February 19, 2010

Liz Love Fest Lite

Last night I attended Delegate Liz Bobo’s Legislative Update at Kahler Hall in Columbia. This is an annual event for the long serving District 12B representative and a regular gathering for her faithful supporters. Last year Larry Carson, The Sun reporter, dubbed it the Liz Love Fest.

This year the gathering was a somewhat smaller turnout of her true believers and there a little less love. Some of those in attendance weren’t her fans at all including those who were unhappy with her behind the scenes support of the opponents of the Columbia Town Center redevelopment legislation. When Chris Tsien asked her whether she felt that that the county council and the county council “abdicated their responsibilities” when they passed CB 58 and CB 59 as the opponents claim, she disingenuously replied that her “number one priority” was state business not county business and that she had “no idea whether they abdicated their responsibility."

Jud Malone asked her point blank if she supported the effort to put the Town Center redevelopment enabling legislation up for referendum. After a little prodding Liz said that she “is not endorsing the referendum” effort. Oddly, she followed this statement by saying that she is not taking any position on this issue.

Isn’t her statement that she isn’t endorsing the referendum effort a position?


Anonymous said...

Come on, wb. Tsien and Malone? Hardly representative of Liz's constituency.

You are worse than the Sunpapers!!

Anonymous said...

Some haikus:

Delegate Bobo
not taking a position?
That's for her puppets.

and another:

Speaking of puppets,
Alan Klein resembles Bert
of Bert and Ernie.

and finally:

The opposition
is getting very desperate.
They fear and loathe change.

Anonymous said...

Uh, no. Not endorsing something is not the same as being against it. If Bobo said she endorsed it or was against it, that would be taking a position. She just said she isn't endorsing it.

She also isn't endorsing you, Bonsey, but that doesn't mean she is taking a position on you.

Anonymous said...

Love the haiku!

Rich lefty people
All avoid making a stand
The county suffers

Hey, just made that up.

Columbia dies
Ellicott City prospers
Which has a center?

Man, this is infectious.

WB, thanks for the coverage of these meetings.

Endorsement-less stands
Are like a scent in the wind
Here. Gone. Always lost.