Sunday, February 21, 2010

Federal Lawsuit Update 8

The latest attempt to overturn zoning decisions on the Columbia Wegmans, the Turf Valley Harris Teeter, the Thunder Hill Walgreens and fifteen years of other county zoning decisions was dealt yet another setback last week, this time in the state courts.

When U.S. District Judge J. Fredrick. Motz originally dismissed the lawsuit filed by Susan Baker Gray on behalf of Paul F. Kendall, Frank Martin, Carvel Mays, Jr. and Phillip Rousseau, the judge indicated that this was a matter for the state courts to settle not the federal courts. So, backed by their union buddies, Ms Baker and her merry band of plaintiffs took their case to the state courts.

Howard County, the defendant in the case, subsequently filed a motion to dismiss.

According to Lotsabogeys, a regular reader and commenter here, last week the courts granted the motion to dismiss.

Perhaps these guys should get themselves another lawyer.


Lotsabogeys said...

The text from the MD court website:

Hearing on Motion to Dismiss Pltf's Amended Complaint
Def (Howard County Maryland) Motion to dismiss pltf's amended complaint- Granted with prejudice
Order signed

Anonymous said...

Not another lawyer, a case that makes some sense!