Sunday, February 28, 2010

Playing Ball with Calvin

If you Google “Calvin Ball” the first result is a link to the cartoon strip, Calvin and Hobbes, a syndicated comic strip by Bill Watterson that ran in newspapers for about 10 years. The main character, Calvin, invented a game called Calvinball in which the only consistent rule is that the game may never be played by the same rules twice.

Last Friday, in our latest podcast of “and then there’s that…” on HoCoMoJo, my co-host Paul Skalny quipped that Calvinball was a lot like politics. Our guest for the show was Dr. Calvin Ball, the county councilperson for District 2. His name came up second in the Google search.

Calvin is good guy and he rolled right along with the banter.


Freemarket said...

I'm curious as to how Ball thinks that the residential sprinkler mandate is "helping people who can't help themselves". That's just about increasing the role of government. Take a look at the HoCo budget- it's so obvious that the vast majority of that spending is not on true public goods and certainly not on helping people who can't help themselves. You girls let him off very easy on the whole "teach a man to fish" thread.

Nina said...

Hey, he's moving up in the rankings from four years ago when he originally took office!

PZGURU said...

Ball is just a puppet for Ulman. Can't you see the strings hanging over his head when he walks into a room?