Thursday, February 11, 2010

No Time to Surrender

I made it into my office in Columbia this afternoon. For the most part the roads are clear, though a lane or two are missing here and there. The parking lot at my office is as clear as it was on Tuesday morning.

Our landlord, Mark Shearer, stopped by after he saw my car in the parking lot. Apparently I am one of the only people who came into the office today in the whole complex. I asked Mark how his properties were holding up. Mark oversees over 4 million square feet of commercial space throughout the Baltimore Washington corridor for AMB Property Corporation. Tuesday morning he had told my colleague TW that he thought he might lose a roof somewhere.

“We haven’t lost any yet,” he told me. He has crews up on the roofs clearing out the roof drains and scuppers so that the melting snow has a place to go.

“Thank god for thirty five degrees and sunshine,” he said.

On my way in I spotted this guy stuck in the snow at the end of a driveway. This is no time to surrender. We could get another 4 inches of the white stuff by next Tuesday night.

For veteran snow warriors like us four inches just seems like a dusting.


Secret Frequency said...

Columbian here, and proprietor of a political podcast (nothing to do with county politics, however!) May I have your permission to use that picture on my podcast page? Thanks in advance!

wordbones said...

Granted...with attribution of course.

Secret Frequency said...

Thanks! Attribution given. Feel free to stop by and listen as well!