Monday, February 01, 2010

Get to Know HoCoSo

I recently discovered a new local blog, HoCoSo, which describes itself as “specifically devoted to the needs of young (or young at heart) professionals in Howard County.”

“If you live in or near Howard County and would like to experience networking and fun right in your own backyard, then this group might just be for you. Support local business and make new friends at the same time.

So, give it a look, and help spread the word to other local professionals and let’s have fun right here in Howard County.”

At Tales of Two Cities we’re always glad to welcome a new voice to the local blogosphere. Welcome HoCoSo, we’ve added your link to left hand side under “Other Local Stuff.”


Amy Pickwick said...

Thanks for the word of mouth posting!!! HoCoSo is a "social network," not really a "blog"... ;) It's created on the social networking platform, Ning.

wordbones said...


You are most welcome. I didn't think you looked much like a blog but who am I to judge that?

All the same I'll keep you listed under "Other Local Stuff."

Good luck.