Friday, February 05, 2010

The Big Kahuna

And so it begins. The mega storm has arrived and by all indications we’re in for a real doozy, a storm of historic proportions. I believe it warrants its own category on the left column, “Where I Put Stuff.” We’ll label it The Big Kahuna.

I readily credit HoCoRising for nailing the right name for this storm. Mr Foot called it a Super Kahuna but that didn’t quite feel right. Super Kahuna implies that there will be other storms just like it. I prefer to give a storm it’s own identity. Think about it. Telling people that you were a Big Kahuna baby sounds much more impressive than saying you were conceived during a Super Kahuna. And if the past is any indication, there will definitely be a spike in the babies conceived this weekend.

But I digress.

Here at Tales of Two Cities we intend to be an active chronicler of The Big Kahuna. Much like we did with the Blizzard of 09, we are inviting readers to send us pictures and stories of TBK from your corner of the county.

I’ll be out in the thick of it too with camera and notebook. The four wheel drive wordbones mobile has been enlisted into service of Howard County General Hospital to help ferry nurses back and forth to work during the storm. My shift begins at 5:30 AM tomorrow morning for the 7 AM nursing shift.

So tune in during the storm and share your stories and pictures, and we’ll all ride out The Big Kahuna together. Surfs up.


Alan said...

Way to go WB, I remember my Dad driving Nurses and Doc's back and forth during big snows. I praise you for your service!!

Kim said...

Thank you on behalf of all those nurses and patients! Talk about a show that must go on.

Wishing you safety!

HoCoRising said...

You're a good man WB! I also appreciate the shout-out, although I must admit I was mis-citing Mr. Foot. Ha ha. I too agree that the Big Kahuna has the right feel to it. "Snowpacolypse" just doesn't seem to give the storm the right respect. I'm going to be trying to post some video from my own backyard tomorrow morning. Stay safe and keep fighting the good fight!

Anonymous said...

Looks like people are tagging their snow tweets with #snowpacolypse.