Monday, February 08, 2010

Monday Morning Memo

Just as things begin to clear up around here we learn that a second major storm is headed our way tomorrow afternoon. According to Mr. Foot and his forecasters we can expect, “snowfall by 7 PM Wednesday to reach or exceed 12 inches along the I-95 corridor from Baltimore north to Philadelphia as well as southeastern PA.”

Great. Where are we going to put this stuff?

Late yesterday afternoon, just as we were preparing to trek down the street to JD and Danielle’s annual Super Bowl party, my Sunday newspapers finally arrived. As I was perusing them this morning I noted that Elkridge and Savage got a mention in The New York Times yesterday.

“Matthew Kramar, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Sterling, Va., ticked off some of the big regional snow totals, mostly in the higher elevations — 33 inches in Bayard, W. Va., and in Smith Crossroads in Morgan County, W. Va., 32 inches at Howellsville, Va., 29.5 at Frostburg, Md., 28.5 inches at Savage, Md., and 30.3 inches at Elkridge, Md., southwest of Baltimore.”

Fellow local blogger HoCo Rising took this nice little video of the conditions in the Village of Dorsey’s Search in Columbia.
In previous posts about The Big Kahuna I failed to mention the spectacular sunset on Saturday evening. Bob O captured that moment from his home in the Turf Valley Overlook neighborhood in Ellicott City.
I am about to venture out to take Peanut to her moms house in Catonsville. After that I need to swing by the office on Dobbin Road in Columbia. I’ll put up another post when I get back.


HoCoRising said...

Great shots. Thanks for the nod. All this snow is going to start having serious effects on the paychecks of the hourly worker soon. It's a shame.