Monday, March 01, 2010

District 4 Reunion Tour

It appears that the county council race in District 4 this year will look at lot like it did four years ago. Four years ago Town Center redevelopment was a hot issue. Four years later, though the physical appearance of Columbia’s downtown is pretty much the same, the groundwork has been finally laid for its extreme makeover.

Four years ago Tom D’Asto faced off against Mary Kay Sigaty for the seat being vacated by Ken Ulman. Four years ago, Tom campaigned against increased density in Town Center, believed that lakefront should be preserved as it is, and argued for a protective easement of Symphony Woods. After winning the seat Mary Kay sponsored the legislation that will increase the density, preserve the watershed, renovate and improve Merriweather Post Pavilion, create an innovative multi million dollar housing fund for full spectrum housing, and create a walkable downtown.

Now it looks like Tom is going to take another run at it. Presumably he will reprise his old Town Center development platform and attempt to pander to those who are against it.

To be fair, Tom hasn’t made an official announcement but he has registered a web domain. If he does decide to run he will first need to get by former Democrat now Republican Jeff Underwood. Jeff was around four years too when Mary Kay had to get by Jeff and Josh Feldmark in the Democratic primary.

It’s déjà vu all over again.


PZGURU said...

Deja vu - meaning you're singing the same old biased, smear-the-republican candidate diatribes. If you want to describe the "past" positions of candidates, why don't you delve into Mary Kay's flip flopping on big issues. Or, even mor aptly, how she never seems to be able to take a tride and true position on anything. She's wasn't really for the Town Center plan, but now she kind of supports it, but only maybe, if it doesn't piss too many people off, but then again she thinks some changes are good, but she can't specify which changes, and some density increase would be good, but she can't really say exactly, and even though the legislation she voted for allows up to 5000, she might think a smaller number is better, even though she voted for 5000, but it all depends on if it's sunny and on a Thursday and if her coffee had just the right amount of cream in it.

You also forget that the referendum could be the X factor this year. I know that you think that since you supported the redevelopment gimmick, then everybody must support it. Fact is that you don't know whether a majority of Columbians or Countians support it or not. If not, then MKS could have trouble.

Another fact, GGP already had extensively broad authority to redevelope Town Center under the original approval for Columbia New Town, so there really was NOT a need for this rezoning legislation (other than to finalize the back room deal that Ulman cut with them 4 years ago).

Anonymous said...

Your post, WB, is dishonest by omission. MK sigaty ran on a slow/no growth platform and did a 180 after winning.

Way to represent the voter, MK.

PZGURU said...

Hey, maybe someone should file an ethics complaint against MKS for not representing her constituents the way she promised to? Maybe the kooks on the CA board who are trying to smear Swatek could take the lead! Oh, never mind, I forgot, those kooks are hypocrites so they won't go after someone on their "team". LOL