Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Know Our Dogs Are Happy Here

Ellicott City has found itself on yet another “best places” list. This time the old mill town has been recognized as one of the “10 Best Places to Live for Pet Lovers” by US News and World Report.

“…we focused on weather, population density, and the availability of green space when creating our top 10 list for the best places to live for pet lovers. After narrowing down the field based on those factors, we interviewed pet experts on the most animal-friendly towns. Len Kain, cofounder of DogFriendly.com, says he first looks at the availability of dog parks as well as major attractions that allow pets.”

Ellicott City invariably got points for the wildly popular “Worthington Off-Leash Dog Park.”


Freemarket said...

This is surprising, because the Howard County Police tactial teams are quick to gun down dogs during raids. These tactial teams have no manner of dealing with animals other than pulling the trigger.

Once is an unfortante event. Twice in two years is just bad policy.

Anonymous said...

And animal law in howard is anti-dog.

Anonymous said...

before this comment disappears from the page, I would like to make one comment. One day I was running along the bike path near the loop on Patuxent Parkway and was almost bitten by two snippy little yappers off leash and within 6 hundred years a much bigger dog off leash. I'm not a card carrying member of the NRA but it would have given me pleasure to have shot the dogs that were off leash in front of their owners. Yeh, Howard County Tactical Police.

Freemarket said...

Wow, HH. You mangaged to come off as a real fucktard. A+!

Anonymous said...

This is a good time to point out that HH is the blog host's biggest fan.

wordbones said...

Anon 1:45 PM,

I have fans?


Anonymous said...

Amen, HH! There were two kids off their leashes in Town Center on Monday that were screaming and crying and generally being a nuisance. What I wouldn't have given to be a card-carrying, gun-toting NRA member that day!


Anonymous said...

Yes, WB, you have fans. Let's not overlook the origin of that word.

zebjao said...

wow....cute dogs..love it..