Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Old Dog Stuff

It has often been said that, over time, dogs begin to take on the characteristics of their owners. With older dogs this can be both amusing and a bit depressing at the same time.

About four years ago, when my Labrador was first diagnosed with degenerative arthritis, my vet suggested I start giving her a daily dose of glucosamine chondroitin for her joints. At the time I thought this was pretty funny since I had been already been taking this supplement to help ease my aches from running. We began taking our daily pill together.

After her last vet visit, Dr Shulkin suggested I start her on a daily regimen of Metamucil. So far we aren’t sharing this supplement but I don’t like the way this is trending.


Anonymous said...

The dessert aisle (in moderation and with respective health experts' approval) can be a shared regimen as well.

zebjao said...

its ok...they're still nice..

underground dog fence said...

What a cutie! thank you for sharing photos!