Saturday, May 23, 2009

Busy Day

The idealized vision of Memorial Day weekend includes sand, sun and adult beverages. While many folks will indeed enjoy some version of this vision, many more will be left behind to a far different reality. It will be no weekend of complete leisure for them. Instead they will be tending to pressing items at the homestead. In a word, “projects.”

The Saturday for Memorial Day is perfectly designed for big projects. Picnics are usually held on Sunday so Saturday becomes the day to “git ‘r done.” Lawns and gardens are worked over and outside furniture is cleaned up for another summer of cookouts. For many the project of the day requires a trip to the local rental center and today, one local rental center was having a very busy day.

“It’s one of the busiest days of the year,”

As it happens, my home project required one of those rental center trips so I headed on over to the ABC Rental Center on Dobbin Road in Columbia. That’s where I met Lee Knight. I asked him what the hottest rental item was today.

“Power washers, with tillers running a close second.”

And there ya go. I'd better get back to work now before Mama Wordbones finds me on the computer.


Jack said...

To quote Ringo Starr: "I got blisters on meh fingers!"

Yeah . . . now that you've graduated you get to work on the yard. And of course it never helps to serenade the neighbors with back to back to back Wipeout by the Surfaris, thanks to that new snare head.