Monday, May 04, 2009

Rainy Season

I was supposed to be heading out to Turf Valley this morning for the annual Howard County Chamber of Commerce golf tournament but Mother Nature had other ideas. We seem to have entered a prolonged stretch of rain around here.
There were a few moments this past weekend when the rain stopped long enough to get outside. One of those times was Friday evening when Mama Wordbones and I ventured down to Ellicott City for drinks and dinner. This past Friday was the season opening of the deck at Cacao Lane which is one of my favorite outdoor dining spaces in the county. The food is just okay and I hate getting my wine in a dinky plastic cup but the setting is very cool.

Before dinner we strolled up and down Main Street checking out the scene and stopped in front of the papered up windows of the previously announced Pure Wine Café. When I last wrote something about this place I thought it would be open by now. There was an email address on the coming soon sign so I dropped them a line to find out what was up. According to Paul Strain, they are wrapping up the builders punch list and expect to be open by May 20th.

And since I won’t be playing any golf today…more news later.