Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Much Better



What a difference a year makes!

Last December, in The Washington Post Marc Fisher wrote two columns about our poinsettia tree. Most people were aware of the first one in which he told the story of GGP’s decision to end this holiday tradition (in which he mistakenly identified GGP as “Greater Growth Properties”) but not everyone saw his follow up story which told a much more personal story of the tree. You can find the story of the poinsettias tree’s creator here.

For more on last years poinsettia tree protests check out this post, this post and this post.

Ho! Ho! Ho!


Anonymous said...

Tradition is important in a community and nation.
Bravo that the poinsetta tree is back in the Columbia Mall and thanks to the courageous few who worked successfully to help us perpetuate our tradition.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who thought of the pointsettia tree?

I remember the first time we saw the holiday tree shaped pointessotias. We all paused - the kids and I - to think about what a great idea that was.

wordbones said...

The poinsettia tree that stands in the Mall in Columbia was designed by Leroy Brown, a horticulturist with The Rouse Co.

Anonymous said...

Saw the poinsetta tree yesterday at the mall and it was nostalgic. That's to the protesters last year who made it a possibility this year.