Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good Business

The Post 200 came out yesterday. This is The Washington Posts annual guide to the regions largest businesses and Howard County was well represented. Six of the largest publicly traded companies in the region and the largest nonprofit are headquartered in Columbia.

A healthy business environment is good for the community. Maintaining the level of services we’ve come to expect in Howard County is dependent on a solid commercial tax base. Thankfully, through both Democratic and Republican leadership, our elected officials have long understood this.

The companies that are part of the 2009 Post 200 are WR Grace & Co. (1,090 local employees), Micros Systems (857 local employees), Corporate Properties Office Trust (39 local employees), Arbitron (700 local employees), Martek Biosciences (204 local employees), Fortress International Group (156 local employees) and Medstar Health (14,000 local employees).

Congratulations to all those firms and their local workers and a special wag of the tail to local blogger Dan Beyers and who edited the Post 200.