Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Formula for Growth

According to this story by Julekha Dash in the Baltimore Business Journal, a local firm is poised for some pretty dramatic growth as its business grows beyond its base in infant formulas.

Martek Biosciences Corp., headquartered on Dobbin Road in Columbia, has recently inked a deal to blend its DHA oil with Nutrioli cooking oil produced by Ragasa Industries. Unlike other DHA oils that are fish based, Marteks’ oil is derived from algae making it more palatable for combining with other foods. The new product will soon be available in 1,200 Mexican grocery stores.

As a result of this deal and others like it currently in the works, Martek is adding jobs too.

“Leaders are hiring for about 25 positions, including researchers, a patent attorney, and food scientists. That is on top of the 30 positions the 591-person company added in the past six months.”