Thursday, May 21, 2009

At Least someone is Working Today

I don’t know if it’s just me but it sure seems like people bug out of work a lot earlier for holiday weekends than they used to. Not that long ago, it was fairly common practice to skip out around noon on Friday before the holiday weekend. Today, my office was empty by noon.

Except for yours truly that is.

I suppose that in our technologically enhanced lives, where in theory at least, we are constantly in touch with our work, we never really leave work.

Still in my own little act of defiance at being the only guy in the office, I went home for lunch to throw on a pair of shorts. That’s when I met Mark.

Mark Sweadner was banging a stake into the ground just outside my backyard fence. The dogs were very curious about this survey activity so I opened the back door and we all went out to investigate. The lot lines in my little corner of a newly developed world can be a little screwy so I thought I’d go over and introduce myself.

It turns out Mark is a local boy. He went to Glenelg High School and his mom still lives in Woodbine where he is planning on spending his Memorial Day. He lives in Elkridge and works for Mildenberg, Boender & Associates in Ellicott City.

Actually, his office is in the Dorsey Hall Professional Center in the Village of Dorsey’s Search in Columbia but the post office considers this to be Ellicott City.


I had one last question before I headed back to my lonely office.

Redskins or Ravens?”

“Redskins! I’m a season ticket holder.”

I immediately felt sorry for him.


Tom said...

Ravens! We are not in the Washington market anymore.

By the way today is Thursday not Friday.

jamie88 said...

I'll bet you had no idea that you were talking to my husband! Our paths are destined to cross forever, BB. Mark spent his first 11 years in Gaithersburg, hence the Redskins. I'm a Ravens fan. We don't talk about it.

Jamie Hill Sweadner

wordbones said...


It's s small county...but I wouldn't want to paint it.

-wb (formerly known as bb)