Thursday, May 14, 2009

Out of Gas

I was serendipitously in sync with a Tales of Two Cities blog reader this afternoon. While driving through Town Center I noticed that the Exxon station at the corner of Banneker Road and Little Patuxent Parkway looked abandoned.

Turns out that it was and it looks like the last occupants left in some haste.

“I think last weekend was it.”

I saw two guys sitting in front of the Banneker Station firehouse across the street so I decided to if they knew what was going on.

“There were some executive type guys checking things out over there the other day.”

No doubt. According to the state tax records, the property is owned by the Exxon Mobil Corporation. Given the scarcity of available sites for a gas station in Town Center, I don’t suspect it will be long before the place opens again under new management.
It could use a bit of cleaning up too.

And, lo and behold, upon my return to the office I saw that Anon 1:46 PM had asked about this very thing in my previous post.


Chris Bachmann said...

Very unusual, but then the service bay has always been a rip off and crappy work done. At least the subs at Waterloo/Roma's were pretty good.

JessieX said...

How uncivil of them to leave it such a mess. Sez me.

Anonymous said...

Always? You really QA'd the work and pricing every time since the facility opened years ago?

Uncivil of whom? The property owner? The former management? Patrons who drove up to find it closed and expressed their irritation by tossing trash out of their car?

A little benefit of the doubt when considering the previous management's possible situation and exit in these times wouldn't be that hard to extend for the moment, would it?

Where in the civility rule book does it say it's ok to pile on the criticisms, warranted or not, immediately after getting ko'd?

Anonymous said...

I knew something was amiss about two months ago when the "convenience store" part of this gas station was very sparce and unstocked.

Anonymous said...

There's been a lot of clean up at the station over the past week and the gas tanks and signage were uncovered today. Any update? Thanks.