Friday, May 15, 2009

Dead Letter Drop

My favorite post office in Columbia is the one located off the lobby of the American Cities Building in Town Center. It has been there almost as long as the office building (1964) and still retains that hometown post office feel. About ten years ago or so, The Rouse Company tried to relocate this branch to The Mall but the subsequent community uproar scuttled that idea.

Yesterday, when I pulled up to the building, I noticed that mailbox was missing. Was this a sign that this postal location was once more “on the bubble.”

No worries. According to Andra (pronounced Andre’), a pleasant postal person, the old box lock broke and so the whole box was sent out for repair.

No word on how long that will take.


cmb said...

I didn't know about this post office until I got an office downtown. It's great to be able to WALK!! to it and have such a short line to deal with.