Wednesday, May 06, 2009

In This Months Business Monthly

Voicemail is dead. While that may not come as a surprise to many, it was nothing short of a revelation to me. Gradually, over the past year or so, the number of people telling me that they didn’t get my voicemail message was increasing. Initially I blamed it on my phone. I really don’t like my phone.

Last month I had my “Ah Ha” moment about voicemail when I came across this story by Jill Colvin in The New York Times last month. The story helped me connect the dots of my seemingly unconnected voicemail message issues. The problem wasn’t with my phone. The problem was with voicemail itself.

Still nobody told me outright that they weren’t checking their voicemail messages anymore. I suppose I was just supposed to know. It was, after all, over a year ago that Michael Arrington made the proclamation that voicemail was dead in this article on the TechCrunch blog.

You can read this month’s column here.


Kalpr2 said...

Ironically, in this day & age, I almost think of calling someone as giving them "extra" importance. So no one checks their voicemails. Sigh. I'm so resisting texting.

Karen L.

Anonymous said...

I have a goal in life. When I retire, I am going to fish everyday without cell phone, computer or other technological device invented prior to my retirement. If someone wants to communicate, they can take a boat to my favorite fishing hole and talk to me face to long as they don't disturb the fish or quiet afternoon.
Nice article on voice mail.