Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Valley Forge Flag Company

One of my weekend projects was to replace the flag bracket over the garage. The one I purchased last year could not stand up to the high winds on our little hill in Ellicott City. It was Memorial Day weekend so I figured it would be pretty easy to find flag supplies at Home Depot

Once again I was wrong. It took three store clerks and a few walkie talkie conversations to accurately pinpoint where the "flag stuff" display had been moved to, which turned out to be less than a nine iron shot from where we standing. 


The only flag products available the Home Depot on Snowden River Parkway came from the Valley Forge Flag Company. With a patriotic name like that I figured these flags were made in the USA. They were. The company proudly proclaims that their flags are “100% Made in the USA.” 

But I wasn’t buying a flag. I needed the Valley Forge flag bracket. That was made in China. In fact, everything but the actual flags in the Valley Forge flag display was made in China

Maybe they should change their name to Great Wall Valley Forge Flag Company and then they could capitalize on their patriotism in two countries at once!

By the way, does anyone have a good suggestion for mounting a flag bracket on brick?


Anonymous said...

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Freemarket said...

I would use Rawlplugs unless you are trying to avoid drilling holes in the bricks.

B. Santos said...

The Tapcon blue screws (located in the hardware isle in Home Depot) are great for screwing into brick and concrete.

Not too time consuming and a secure mount.

Anonymous said...

You could do what I do. Hire someone who knows what theyre doing to do the job for you. It will cost you 1/2 as much and be completed in less time.

Freemarket said...

Do you have to drill pilot holes with Tapcon screws? I would be afraid that screws would not hold very well in brick or masonry if you ever had to remove the screw and reinstall it.