Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scene This Week In…

The closing of an established watering hole signals a cultural shift in a community. The closing of Michael’s Pub in the Kings Contrivance Village Center on Monday felt like one of those shifts.
Michael’s certainly qualifies as being established. It opened in the summer of 1986 long before anyone ever heard of Looney’s Pub or Rams Head. It enjoyed a long reign as the Happy Hour of choice for folks working in the Route 32 corridor. I was one those patrons in those early years when I worked in the Crystal Heights Office Center on Old Columbia Road.

As befitting a public house of high stature, it’s closing was well covered in the HoCo loco press. The most comprehensive coverage was provided by David Greisman in Columbia Patch, complete with video.
Michael’s Pub will now join other notable Columbia pubs that have given their last call; Lucky Ned Peppers, JK’s Pub, The Last Chance and the Rusty Scupper to name a few.

For those who practice the Christian faith this is the Lenten season, a time of reflection and renewal. Perhaps no chapel is more symbolic of reflection and renewal than Our Lady’s Center on Rogers Avenue in Ellicott City. This is the third incarnation of Our Lady’s Center after the first two were destroyed by fire.
 It also lies in flood plain.

It is a beautiful setting though, tucked down in the trees behind a car dealership, nestled along a creek. It is strikingly peaceful given its commercial and residential surroundings. You begin to relax even as you drive down the long tree lined entrance road.
As good a place as any for reflection and renewal I suppose. 
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