Monday, March 07, 2011

Meanwhile, Over in Wilde Lake…

I have been invited to visit with the Wilde Lake Village Board tonight. Larry Schoen, the board chair has asked me to join my colleague Darrell Nevin in evaluating Kimco’s proposed plan for the redevelopment of the Wilde Lake Village Center from a retail perspective. As commercial brokers with some retail leasing experience we’re being asked to look at the plans from a prospective tenants point of view. In other words, real job stuff.

It also could make an interesting post. Apparently there is a group that includes Bob Tennenbaum that is unhappy with the proposed plan. They will likely be in attendance this evening.

I’m thankful for shifting topics. It was beginning to feel like this was starting to become the all Allen Dyer all the time blog. He is very easy to tire of.
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