Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Perspectives

While preparing for our show yesterday I happened to mention to Paul that since Valentines Day was Monday this should be our Valentines show. This led to a discussion of how this holiday is celebrated in the Skalny household.

“Cindy and I pretty much consider it to be a Hallmark holiday and consequently we really don’t do anything special.”

Our producer, Dave Bittner pretty much agreed. He said that he and Ilana think of it the same way and they don’t plan on doing anything special  on Monday either.

Of course this conversation was between three guys, the female perspective was notably absent.  When our guest, former State Senator Sandy Schrader, joined us that was somewhat rectified. Though she doesn’t expect her husband Dennis to go overboard she does think that a handwritten card and a simple gesture are appropriate. She see’s the holiday as a celebration of the “us.”

Sandy is now a lobbyist in Annapolis and she also happens to be a close friend of Diane Wilson. She was more than happy to share her perspective on the controversy. No sooner had the show gone up on the web we learned that the ethics complaint that Diane had filed against County Executive Ken Ulman and Council Chair Calvin Ball had been dismissed.

You can listen to the 34th episode of our podcast here.
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