Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Dyer Files

This weekend, in defiance of ethics panel rules, school board member Allen Dyer released a copy of the ethics complaint against him on howardpubliced. In addition to the complaint Allen also released copies of correspondence between his attorney, Harold J. Burns, Jr and the boards attorney, Andrew W. Nussbaum, relating to this action.

Three things are clear to me after reading these documents. One, Allen did not want this complaint to see the light of day. He and his attorney tried repeatedly to have it dismissed before a hearing was held. Two, Allen really wanted to be board chair. He apparently worked the student member hard for her vote, even enlisting her peers to help. Three, Allen was pretty confident that he had the votes of Brian Meshkin and Cindy Vaillancourt in his pocket. It makes me wonder if this was also some sort of payback for the assistance he gave their recent campaigns.

In a message on howardpubliced Cindy Vaillancourt, asserted I had “gotten a fair amount of it wrong…”. In fact the complaint confirms that this does involve what the student school board member believed to be inappropriate behavior by Mr. Dyer in his attempt to get her vote for board chair, so at least I got that right.
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