Monday, March 14, 2011

Now That’s Root Beer

Yesterday I checked out the new Big Lots in Columbia Crossing for the first time. Since I am already a Costco member I didn’t feel all that compelled to check out another big box discount store. Though Big Lots promotes itself as being “the nation's largest broadline closeout retailer” I pretty much assumed that the only difference between them and Costco was that you didn’t have to buy stuff in bulk.

I didn’t expect to find Dad’s Root Beer.

The first root beer I ever tasted was Frostie Root Beer. Frostie was originally bottled by the Frostie Beverage Company in Catonsville. The bottler was later acquired by the company that made Dad's. I thought Frostie was a pretty good root beer until I tried Dad’s. Once I tasted Dad’s the other root beers just didn’t stack up. The only problem was that Dad’s was hard to find. Through the years, in all my travels, I’d occasionally get the root beer urge but I’ve never could find Dad’s. I just assumed that they'd stopped making it. When I spotted Dad’s at Big Lots I was skeptical. Could this really be the same Dad’s Root Beer I once held in high esteem or was it just some bottler who purchased the Dad’s name?

I am happy to report that it’s the real thing.
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